DIY Cat Ears

2017, 2020



Created an instructional video to teach people how to make their own light-up cat ear headband - the entire process from CAD to 3D printing to assembly, electronics, and decorating.


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This page is still a work in progress.

Version 2.0

Green LED with Black Frame Version

Created: September 2020

Red LED with Pink Frame and Flowers Version

Created: October 2020

Version 1.0

Created: January 28, 2017

So if I remember correctly, after all these years, the story goes like this. One night when I was a Junior in high school, I had a lot on my mind and I couldn’t sleep, so I pulled an all-nighter and made myself a pair of light-up cat ears. Then I posted about it to Instagram.

I did put the parts list on my Instagram, but never got around to making the Instructable.

Cat Ears V1.0 was my absolute favorite accessory as a teenager! I would wear the headband everywhere - to school, to the supermarket, on the bus, on dates, literally everywhere. Especially on days when I needed extra confidence (such as for a Calculus quiz), or for parties/holidays like Mardi Gras. I even wore them some days when I was up at the front of the room teaching the CodeKCS class in Senior Year.

From left to right: Wearing my cat ears in my cozy bedroom; Wearing my cat ears as a good luck charm before a quiz; Wearing cat ears on Mardi Gras at home (last two images).

I was sixteen years old when I made these ears. I was - and still am - absolutely obsessed with cats.
The cat shown in the video was our beloved cat Rumba.
Rumba, you are so very loved and so very missed. :heartpulse:
You were the light in my life amid so much darkness, and the reason why I am still here today.