Current Goals and Interests 2022

Check in often to see what I'm up to throughout the year.

2022 Goals

  • Finish Coursera Bioinformatics Specialization
  • Finish Open Source Software Development Course / Specialization
  • Create an application that combines Bioinformatics with Machine Learning to analyze data or solve a problem.
  • Finish redesigning personal website. And optimize it for mobile! :grimacing:
  • Start regularly updating my personal website, for the first time in many years.
  • Get better at using Blender, by completing more tutorials.
  • Find a way to gain more bio lab skills, potentially through my bachelors degree project.
  • Try to land a bioinformatics internship, or other hands-on learning experience.
  • Try to write a couple pieces of technical writing before school starts.
  • Find a mentor with experience in large-scale, open-source software development projects.

Current Interests

  • Put together a team to organize and run a Maui Hackathon, maybe with the support of county council, and local economic development, education, and STEM organizations. Have there be workshops hosted by local tech businesses, STEM groups, and professionals. Have challenges and prizes sponsored + awarded by local businesses, nonprofits, and Hawai’i state agencies. Particularly focus on the skill-sharing aspect, make it part Skillshare part Hackathon I guess? Most importantly, make it open to everyone - young people, adults, keiki, students, professionals, people who are employed or unemployed, people in every field, people who work for the government, etc. Have it hosted somewhere in Kahului that is accessible to a lot of people.
  • Write an article about how amazing public libraries are, highlighting all of the awesome resources that are available, that people may not know about. Talk about why, as a society, we should pour more money into our local public libraries - it is a rewarding investment into our communities and our future!
Learning and Skillbuilding
  • See if there’s some sort of online course I can take about DaVinci Resolve / video production and editing techniques, so that I can improve my skills in that area (and have some formal instruction on it!)

Playlist of songs that I listen to a lot:

If you like electronic (and alternative? indie?) music, here is my trusty Soundcloud study music playlist that I’ve been using since high school:

According to Spotify, I listen to a lot of minutes of music throughout the year…

  • The Code Breaker by Walter Isaacson was an amazing, inspiring book that made me think a lot about Biomedical Engineering, gene editing, synthetic biology, education, access, and inclusion, and many ethical concerns. It gave me a mild existential crisis, but in a good way - it really made me think about and question the “why” behind a lot of innovation in my chosen field. I would (and probably will!) absolutely read it again.
Cute Things
  • Pusheen the cat
  • Big Hero 6