Hello, World!

18 March 2022

This is my first blog post. I am writing it from my phone, while on the DC metro.

It will probably be integrated into the website later, and probably edited.

However, I am trying to explore the possibilities for using github/markdown to write down my thoughts while out and about.

I’ve heard it said that Github could be a good resource to not just programmers, but also writers, because it could be a pretty seamless platform for hosting, updating, and managing multiple versions and iterations of their work. Markdown as well is a great tool for writing down your thoughts, with no need for a rich text editor, and all formatting done through characters/symbols. I am interested in exploring this further - I am currently composing this on the github website, after pressing “add a file”, however, maybe I can look into options for mobile text editors and mobile git clients.

I am almost at my stop, but may add to these ideas later.